About Us

Whether you are going to a yoga class, a business meeting, on an adventure or just going through your day as per usual, we have something special for you to wear that serves as a reminder to let that inner beauty shine out - complimenting your true nature!


Expression is a place where all kinds of good things come together. Our mission is simple... We thrive to inspire you to embrace your true self, for you to be exactly who you are, to be bold, venturesome and to enjoy the journey. Experience your journey in a fun filled and exciting manner by drawing inspiration from our content, principles that are fundamental to your wellbeing and products that express your authenticity, whilst doing the things you love!


Everything that finds its way into our shop is special. We focus on being unique and creating products that are a notch above the rest. Our fine quality fabrics are sourced both locally and from Europe and we pay great attention to detail to produce products of superior craftmanship. 

  • Who have a lust for LIFE & STYLE 
  • Who are eager to embrace their UNIQUENESS 
  • Who want to express themselves AUTHENTICALLY 
  • Who are passionate about YOGA & MINDFULNESS 
  • Who are inspired by NATURE 
  • Who care about the ENVIRONMENT 
  • Who want to LIVE LIFE FULLY, embracing every moment!

Our Company Founder Nikita Gouveia, is a former world dance champion who now specialises in various styles of yoga, mindfulness, primal movements and ecstatic dance. Having travelled the world learning about different cultures, experiencing unique places, and embarking on thrilling journeys, her intention was always to learn & grow from every situation and draw inspiration from the people, places and experiences. It was these experiences and in India where the “JustBE” way of life was born.

During a Bollywood dance tour, she was spontaneously introduced to the world of Yoga, a new way of living, thinking and being than that of which she was used to. Meeting a mysterious Baba (A yoga father/Master) on a mountain during her trip intrigued her, and it was in her natural curious ways that she decided that exploring more into the yogic way of being was the next journey she wanted to embark on. Having no money or means of transport at that time, she decided to trade in her rucksack for 250 Rupees to be able to make it up to Rishikesh where she travelled for 2 days by bus, train and walking that she finally stepped foot on the Ganges River at the foothills of the Himalayas - the home of Yoga.

Courageous? Adventurous? Outright Crazy? All of them! but Nikita believes that living life to the fullest is the way to JustBe.
For 12 months she became “monk like” and fully absorbed herself into the life of a Yogi and Baba, and in that time herself becoming a qualified Yoga practitioner, serving the community and practiced mindfulness. Since then Nikita has made it her mission to teach the principles of JustBe in her content, in her teaching and in her lifestyle products. This little snippet into Nikita’s life is the epitome of what our brand is about and resembles the experiences we want to create for our Beings. Take risks, live life, be free & JustBe! 

Story from founder of JustBe Lifestyle - Nikita Gouveia